Influenced by early impressionists, the works of this talented South African Artist speak a Language of their own. She has dedicated her talent to the presentation and representation of the human profile in its natural, dynamic and at times surreal form... Sensuality is realized in the simplified design of her Subjects...

Her passion for the human profile lead her to body Art in the form of Tattoo, where her Custom Tattoo Designs are created by her clients’ intimate experiences and imagination, then realized, sketched and applied, for a lifetime of appreciation...

Exhibitions – 1996 
The Nelson Mandela Metropolitan Art Museum



I believe in the very personal, emotional experience of having your Tattoo, which is why I base my studio out of the eye of the public... a private, intimate practice, as well as the added service of experiencing your Tattoo Application in the comfort of your own home, to relieve the feeling of intimidation and over-exposure.  I carry with me, as in my Studio, an impeccably sterile environment giving you peace of mind.

My Life is my Art... which is why most of my Tattoos are custom designed, from your heart to my machine, resulting in a Masterpiece...  



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