This document is not intended as medical advice, consult this information with your tattoo provider.

  • Keep your tattoo covered with its original plastic film for approximately 6 hours. Tattoos will ooze, this is a normal part of the healing process. The plastic film is there to keep air-born bacteria and any other contaminants in the environment from invading your wound.
  • After the required time, wash your hands thoroughly and remove the film carefully.
  • Once uncovered, wash with mild, fragrance free soap and warm water (using fingertips), then wash three times per day for the next 7 – 14 days.
  • Use Vaseline;  apply a very thin layer as often as possible to prevent your tattoo from drying out.  If it feels dry and tight, apply the ointment. (If you apply it too heavily you will lose colour and definition.  If it looks like it is beading or dripping, it is too thick).  You do not need to re-cover your tattoo.
  • After a few days, it is perfectly normal for the skin on the tattoo to take on a cloudy appearance, followed by peeling for a short while (similar to sunburn).
  • NEVER peel or pick any part of your tattoo.  If you do, you will lose colour and it could result in additional expense in re-colouring.  (Any loose skin will work itself off without any help from you).
  • Do not use alcohol to clean your tattoo.
  • Do not rub or scratch (if it itches, give it a sharp slap).
  • Do not let your tattoo dry out.
  • Do not expose to direct sunlight or tanning beds for two weeks.  (After two weeks, you may use a sun block of a minimal SPF 30 to prevent burning or colour fading of your tattoo).
  • Do not soak tattoo in a sauna, steam bath, or bathtub for two weeks (yes, you may shower).
  • Do not allow water to beat directly onto your tattoo while showering for at least one week.
  • Avoid chlorine!! No swimming in pools, lakes, rivers, or oceans for at least two weeks.
  • Remember that your tattoo is an open wound until it is completely healed.  If you use the guidelines listed above (and a little common sense), in a short while, you will not even know its there.. except when you are showing it off.  Alot of thought, planning and a certain amount of discomfort has gone into your new tattoo.  With just a little care, it will continue to look great for years to come!
  • Please use the ointment suggested by EyeCandi (unless you have had problems with it in the past) other tattoo shops might suggest different products for their customers that may not work the same with my inks.

My customers are extremely important to me so I would rather answer a seemingly unimportant question than have a devastating result.

Remember... stay with your tattoo artist for life, they know your skin, and you know the quality of their work.